Who We Are

  •  At RGB, we see the person not the machine

    I set up RGB in 2004 after working in technology for a number of companies, where I experienced some great work being done and some other work that just didn’t fit my personal values. So my vision was to build an IT Services business with passion and care at the heart of it, with clients getting what they truly need to operate their own businesses, rather than a solution that just benefits the IT company. And that is exactly what I did!

    Richard BladesManaging Director
  • RGB Solutions - Edinburgh IT Specialist

    • Solutions that work

      We’re all about sourcing the best technology solutions for our clients swiftly. Not supplying three machines if you just need two or a server that would fill a room if something off-site would suit better. We don’t over spec or under resource.  We don’t cut corners or waste money. We offer choice in how to buy our services so that it is easier for you. And we’re a bunch of really nice guys, eager to please and technically ‘best in our field!’ Our clients get the power, scalability and longevity they need, with RGB supporting them along the way.  Remember, technology is our passion. We could be accused of being geeks but we’re not really!

    • Because we care

      We are all proud that RGB Solutions has built a loyal client base of clients and that we have grown our business every year, even during a long and tough recession. This is a real achievement… and testimony to the relationships and value we have brought to so many businesses from all sectors in the SME and business market. We’re not too large to lose the personal touch but we are big enough to be working with some of Scotland’s leading companies. And, unlike many geeks we understand business also and have built a solid reputation around that.

    • IT is all about trust

      It’s simple – with RGB looking after your technology you won’t get a machine that is underpowered nor will you get something you don’t need.  You’ll get what’s right for you and your business and at a pace and scale that suits. We will always be honest and clear in our recommendations and not overload you with too much jargon. We work as part of your extended team and work behind the scenes too so that we’re both always one step ahead on the technology map. And no, we don’t list who our clients are.  Why? because we are trusted with and have access to confidential information every day and never discuss our client lists with anyone.

Our Partners

  • Apple. Authorised Reseller

  • OKI