Symantec Secure Email Protection

In today’s world, there are currently approximately 205 billion emails sent per day, unfortunately 90% of these emails are spam or viruses.  Symantec Email Protection helps prevent any of these malicious emails from spammers and attackers from clogging up your inbox or trying to gain access to your machine or network to try and gain information that is vital to your network.

Symantec Secure Email Protect uses a multi-layered approach for blocking malware in emails and elusive targeted attacks that try to exploit a user into giving access to a Personal Computer or the business network that they are working on. The high-level security engine that Symantec uses constantly updates a live database with the latest malware/virus knowledge that may pose a threat to a device. Since the database is continually updated it means that any emails that are threats with either viruses or malware then Symantec Email Protect will scan the email and will determine if it is a threat or not and if it is will block it or delete it so it will not compromise your users or your data.

As well as protecting you from any inbound threats, Symantec Email Protect encrypts your outbound email so that it cannot be intercepted by an attacker who may be attempting to intercept information from emails. With automatic encryption it means that you have the knowledge of knowing that your content is encrypted and secure.

Having a layered email security protection system in place can also provide a step towards your organisation’s GDPR compliancy process.

Benefits of Symantec Email Protect:

• Block threats with the highest effectiveness and accuracy.
• Keep your data secure and confidential over email.
• Stop targeted and advanced threats.

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