Symantec Endpoint Security Protection

With the constant evolving nature of today’s IT environment, attackers are using more sophisticated ways of attack to infiltrate networks and the Endpoint represents the last line of defence. Organisations are more concerned about cyber damage and disruption as ransomware attacks are trending upward as was evident with the recently publicised WannaCry and Petya outbreaks.

Symantec Endpoint Protection delivers superior, multilayer protection to stop threats regardless of how they attack your servers or deskop computers. The system integrates with existing security infrastructure to provide orchestrated responses to address threats quickly. Having a single agent offers high performance without compromising end-user productivity, so that you can focus on your business.


Antivirus – scans and eradicates malware that arrives on a system.
Firewall and Intrusion Prevention – blocks malware before it spreads to the machine and controls traffic.
Application and Device Control – controls file, registry, and device access and behavior; also offers whitelisting and blacklisting.
Power Eraser – an aggressive tool, which can be triggered remotely, to address advanced persistent threats and remedy tenacious malware.
Host Integrity – ensures endpoints are protected and compliant by enforcing policies, detecting unauthorized changes, and conducting damage assessments with the ability to isolate a managed system that does not meet your requirements.
System Lockdown – allows whitelisted applications (known to be good) to run, or block blacklisted applications (known to be bad) from running.

RGB Solutions always recommend implementing Endpoint security within your network no matter the size of your organisation and having Endpoint Protection is another piece of the infrasructure setup that ensures the security of your data.

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