SonicWall Network Security

Implementing a SonicWall firewall is a way of defending your business against everyday online threats such as malware and viruses and gives you much more than just that.  We have been focussing on the data security aspect of GDPR and this solution provides a step towards compliance.  For effective zero-day threat protection, organisations need solutions that include malware-analysis technologies and can detect evasive advanced threats and malware.

A SonicWall firewall scans traffic and extracts suspicious code for analysis, but unlike other gateway solutions, has no file size limitation. Global-threat intelligence infrastructure rapidly deploys remediation signatures for newly identified threats to all SonicWall network security appliances, thus preventing further infiltration. Customers benefit from high-security effectiveness, fast response times and reduced total cost of ownership.

SonicWall provides these services for your business:

  • Gateway Security – protecting your network from the latest threats event contained within encrypted connections and unknown zeroday threats.
  • DPI SSL – Inspect HTTPs sites and links to filter any treats or websites that are non-productive.
  • Capture – ZeroDay sandboxing for detection of new threats that signatures have not yet been written for.
  • Content Filtering – ensure business focus by restricting as needed access to websites that can be time wasters.
  • Bandwidth and Application Control – see who’s doing what with what and when to ensure the correct resources are available and prioritised for key users or applications.
  • PCI DSS Compliance – use a Secure Firewall as part of your compliance needs.
  • Mobile workers – use of SonicWall Secure Mobile Access can deliver applications as needed with control depending on user, device and location.
  • VoIP integration – can your current firewall provide QoS along with securing the connection against hacks resulting in excessive bills.

We highly recommend that every business to consider a solution like this to be in place and can assist in providing partial GDPR compliance. To find out what options are available for your business please contact us now…